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Character design

First Look

Meet Sonia

A sophisticated 50 year old woman, who suffers from allergies. Her look is casual but smart, and loves staying active. 

All the details on the character have been carefully crafted to fit this profile. From her clothing to the accessories, Sonia is the ideal image of a woman of her age.


Animation Style


We wanted to give Sonia's character the feeling that she is a happy person. This is a quick example of her behavior and positive personality. This process is done in 3D using advanced motion capture techniques. 




The environments where the scenes take place are purposefully blended with the background so that the product and the character are the only things that standout. This technique helps the viewer focus on what we want them to look at. 

The example above shows Sonia at the supermarket surrounded by a sea of products. But suddenly the only product that she sees is the one that will truly change her life

Thank you

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